At Corpse Reviver, we're all about creating unforgettable experiences, not just drinks.

Corpse Reviver was born from a wild brainstorming session with our A+ team. We mashed up three years of insights from our boozy sister, Hooch Booch. We knew the world needed a drink like this—packed with electrolytes and ready for any occasion. We're here to elevate your moments and memories, one can at a time.

Cheers -- Anna (Founder & CEO)


Our drinks aren’t just ordinary—they’re a refreshing trip to the world of "wow!" Packed with magnesium, potassium, sodium, l-theanine, and zinc, our concoctions are like a wellness orchestra, playing the perfect tune to revive your body and spirit. You will quite literally, come back to life with every sip!


Corpse Reviver isn't just a drink; it's your go-to sidekick for every adventure. Hitting the gym, chilling out, or sneaking a sip at a speakeasy, Corpse Reviver fits right in. It’s packed with electrolytes to keep you hydrated and your lifestyle revitalized.

Join our small but mighty (and growing) family and taste the magic that blends innovation with tradition. We’re all about quality, with a nod to classic botanical drinks, offering you a bold, refreshing alternative. Sip, savor, and revive with Corpse Reviver—because life’s too short for ordinary drinks!

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Drink Corpse Reviver every day to reap the power that comes from replenishing your electrolytes to make you feel more balanced and ready to take on your day.


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02. A full month of revival

Most sip it daily (order 2x/month), but whatever cure is for you is good with us


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